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Julie Okely

Dilkara means Rainbow in Aboriginal.  The name was chosen to:

  • Spiritually connect the product range to Julie’s heritage;
  • Visually to describe range of colours and hues that are seen in an actual rainbow;
  • Emotionally to unite the different skin tones that are seen within the people of the Aboriginal and Torres Islander peoples and;
  • Physically to indicate in the tints and dyes found in the hair industry.

The Dilkara logo design incorporates the Rainbow Serpent from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dreamtime. Each product has also been given an Aboriginal name to connect it to both Julie’s culture and the organic Australian bush essences that have been selected for the products.

Ingredients for Dilkara Essence of Australia have been sourced from local Indigenous communities. Julie has chosen to work with these groups to assist them achieve their business success, and because she knows of the integrity and care that has been taken to grow and harvest these native elements. Some of the native ingredients used in the Dilkara range include: Kakadu Plum extract, Lilly Pilly Berry, Quandong, Lemon Myrtle, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalytpus Blue Gum Oil and Native Peppermint Oil.

With over 25 years of experience in the Hair, Beauty, Fashion and Education, Dilkara Hair and Lead Stylist Julie Okely are able to deliver quality, personal and professional services to a vast range of clients, both corporate and mainstream.  Dilkara Hair has evolved to deliver a specific style of service that is systematic and engaging with its clients, with the focus on a quality and high standard.

What we can also do for you here at Dilkara:

– Private Hair Styling for Corporate, Media Events, Film/TV and Publications;

– Private Makeup Services for Corporate Media Events, Film/TV and Publications;

– Various events include one-on-one styling, corporate events, styling education, makeover sessions, Industry education and portfolio work, runway shows and NAIDOC events annually.

The vast experience and professionalism of the Dilkara Hair team, that is guided by Julie, is creative and capable in all areas of Hair, Beauty, Fashion trends and needs of the day.

About Julie

Julie Okely is the CEO and Founder of Dilkara Essence of Australia. She is a Canberra based and very proud Kamilaroi woman who was born in Coonabarabran NSW.

Julie has been involved in business since the tender age of 19, when she bought her first Hairdressing Salon in Sydney. She did this whilst completing the fourth year of her Australian Hairdressing Apprenticeship.

This successful ownership led to an interest in buying and developing a total of five hair salons over the past 25 years. Julie’s professional portfolio includes ownership of Sylvania Snippers, Toppings Hair Design, Hair by Julie, Tayden Hair and Beauty, Julie’s Cutting Edge, Dilkara Hair and Club Hair. Julie has owned and operated these salons in both Sydney and Canberra.

Julie has held multiple positions of influence within the Hairdressing Industry. Her experience includes management of the core operations, financial targeting, HR management, industry education and staff development programs.

Julie’s has also worked for Michael International Australia, Price Attack and Christiane’s salon chain based in Sydney N.S.W. Julie’s integrity, experience and professionalism allowed her to build close relationships with these business owners and CEO’s, whereby she became their trusted counsel. Her belief has always been in building the salon team around the core salon vision. This allows for an a number of quality stylists to be mentored and developed for successful industry careers, as well as ensuring that the salon is a thriving enterprise.

In recent years Julie has melded her Aboriginal heritage and business knowledge, to create Dilkara Essence Of Australia the first range of hair care products utilising native Australian ingredients. Julie’s drive and passion has seen Dilkara Essence Of Australia come to life.

Julie’s skills include mainstream hairstyling, editorial, working with all forms of hair extensions and pieces, bridal, formal hairstyling, hair colouring, cutting, barbering and Corporate Styling for portraits and portfolios.

Dilkara Hair and Julie Okely can be contacted through the Contact Us page of this website and enquiries can be made for private styling services via email at julie@dilkara.com.au

Dilkara Hair has an ongoing passion in working through the media, short films, corporate Australia, runway shows and media publications and will continue to do so.

Welcome to Dilkara Essence of Australia!


"Congratulations!!!! How very exciting X"

− Sarah Joseph Couture

"Tried the detangling spray on heather's hair when I got home before realising it was meant to be used on damp hair but it was awesome! Comb almost just slid straight through! Just fantastic! Love it and we both love the smell. thank you for the sample, i will be wanting more!! x"

− Fiona Jane Collis

"Just went for a motorbike ride... My ponytail is HORRIFIC. Dilkara Essence detangling spray is AWESOME.
Thanks babe"

− Rosette Mittl

"Love the Dilkara leave-in conditioner!!! Smells amazing and feels wonderful!!! Great product!!!"

− Lauren Oakley

"What’s that saying out with the old in with the new..i am in LOVE with myDilkara Hair products! For anyone who knows what my hair is like after it's been washed, this stuff is my new best friend! My hair has never felt so soft and nice after washing it, and to be completely natural!! Julie Okely you are a genius! xxx"

− Charis Smeallie

"Thank you so much Julie for your beautiful hair care range, after the first wash it was so much softer, I am able to wear it out without fly aways. So impressed with the range, I'm hooked xx"

− Kristie Whitmore

"So Jules I tried the new Dilkara shampoo and conditioner and here is my experience.
The moment I opened the shampoo and lathered my hair....my nose was excited about the wonderful smell, not to mention my hair.
My hair felt so clean as I am a big product lover and you don't need much either, no more than a 10 cent piece to get a nice clean result.
Now the conditioner, love the smell of this as well and once again a small amount goes a long way.
Styling was a breeze as well. A great smooth finish. Thanks Jules for a wonderful product that actually does what it is meant to.
Cannot wait for my next hair washing day. "

− Kirsty Keller

"So this morning my fringe was an unruly fuzzball, until I cracked out theDilkara Essence of Australia hair detangler I scored at RAW Canberra on Wednesday night. Now it is smooth, with perfect weight and sitting just how I like it.
Can't wait to buy the whole product range!"

− MysDesign

"Just used the de-tangling spray in the kids hair. Smells amazing and does a fabulous job."

− Megan Diskordia

"I'm about to have a meltdown!!! I've been hiding my Dilkara Akuna so well but my 8 year old just discovered it...eeekkkk
I don't mind sharing but only when the big bottles are available. I love love Akuna and this mummy is NOT sharing...it's all mine xx"

− Kylie Brusensky

"A very big thank you to the gorgeous Julie for creating an awesome product & helping to save my hair. On a recent visit to America I found my hair would tangle after washing it (didn't have this happen here), after spraying with my diet angle spray my hair wash beautifully soft & my brush just glided through. I can't wait to make my purchases on my next visit xo."

− Janine Orgill

"I was worried about using Dilkara Essence because Julie Okely is a good friend of mine and I didn't want to not like it... I shouldn't of worried at all because it's amazing!!! Not only do I love the smell of both the sleek shampoo and conditioner my hair feels awesome..! So proud of you Jules and can't wait to continue to follow the success of Dilkara.."

− Zoe Joseph

"Thank you Dilkara Essence of Australia for a very awesome & informative evening with lots of smelling, feeling and wanting to taste product (because it smells so yummy) and buying. Lots of ladies, laughter, champagne and great information from Julie Okely. Thanks to Lisa Marie Palasin for a fab hosting what was a truly great night. Here, here to Dilkara's success in WA!"

− Silvana Macri

"I just wanted you to know I have been using the Dilkara sleek shampoo and conditioner for 6 weeks now and it is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used on my hair. It smells great of course (very important) but my hair is so much more manageable. Easy to blow dry and no frizz! Thanks so much Julie Okely for developing a product which does what it says it will do! I will happily recommend it to anyone who asks. Quality!"

− Belinda Dawson

"Omg. Just received my Dilkara products. Fantastic. Finally I've found a product that works for me and my family and the product lives up to its claims. Thanks Dilkara Essence of Australia. I'm very impressed and more than happy with your product."

− Mariella

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Dilkara Essence of Australia was created to provide a commercial and cultural linkage between the global consumer community and the cultural heritage of Indigenous Australians; with the inclusion of intellectually protected natural bush essence blends unique to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia.